Exchange users not able to send to external pop3 account with same name

By Tscs ·
I'm using Outlook 2007 as my mail client to send mail to a exchange 2003 server I also have users that need to access email that is on a POP3 server and same email address as the exchange but internal mail never makes it to the POP server what can I do to force Exchange to send these mail to the outside email server?

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by TobiF In reply to Exchange users not able t ...

Do I understand you correctly, that you have two servers with with the same server name? (in internal and external dns, or what?)

In that case, you'll find different servers, depending on what dns server you ask.

Best solution is to use different names for different servers. And remember that you can have more than one server name for one ip-address.

Workaround could also be to just enter the ip address instead of the server name.

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No not 2 server with the same name

by Tscs In reply to Ehhh???

The problem is when I came to this company they had email provided through their Website host I have installed a internal Exchange server that handles most of the internal emails calendars, ect. The problems comes when users on the internal network send mail to some users that also use the pop setting outside they do not receive their emails. I have a Pop/smtp setup on each computer pointing to the external server IP address so they can receive their outside email but if someone is offsite Exchange should be able to push all mail out to the POP server but something is stopping it.

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So set up double account on Outlook clients

by TobiF In reply to No not 2 server with the ...

Let the users with two accounts fetch email from both external provider and from the Exchange server. It will all end up in the same inbox.
If you set up s-smtp on the Exchange server, then you can have all outgoing mail pass your own server, regardless of which mail account the user selected for an outgoing message. This will help you gradually migrate users home to Exchange.

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