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    Exchange version and Service Pack


    by webmaster ·

    I am upgrading a W2K Small Business Server and need to know which version of Exchange Server and Service Packs have been installed.
    What is the best way to verify this?

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      by timwalsh ·

      In reply to Exchange version and Service Pack

      If you have SBS 2000 installed, then you have Exchange 2000 installed. Foir Microsoft programs, you can determine which Service Packs haver been installed by looking at Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs

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        SBS2000 ?

        by webmaster ·

        In reply to SBS

        Looking back at the comissioning documentation, for some unknown reason it seems Exchange Server was added as a seperate component. The document indicates Exchange 5.5 with SP4 was installed. I need to confirm this.

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          Places to Check

          by timwalsh ·

          In reply to SBS2000 ?

          Again, look at the list of installed programs in Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs.

          Also you should be able to open Exchange Administrator, Go to the Help menu and choose About…

          This last tip USUALLY holds true for any Microsoft product and usually yields version numbers and latest Service Pack applied.

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          Reply To: Exchange version and Service Pack

          by webmaster ·

          In reply to Places to Check

          Thanks for your info. Tim. I have a few hitches which I failed to mention – The ExAdmin module was never installed and I am unable to install it since the CD drive has failed and it will not install from a network drive. A techrepublic article published yesterday details finding version info. in the registory. Who would’ve thought to look under the Uninstall key?! Control Panel shows all hotfixes, but not SPs. It appears I do have Exchange 2000 as you suspected, but I still need to know which Exchange SPs were installed.

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