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Exchange via VPN on XP home

By itsupport ·
Hi - Ive searched high and low and no one seems to come to a solution to this. Here's the scenario: W3K server (SP1) with Ex2003 (SP2), user with laptop with XP home & using VPN to access resources (mapped drives). When I try to open or create his mail profile in outlook, it says the exchange server cannot be found. I have applied workarounds to get him to be able to access the mapped drives and to be able to use exchange at work (just asks password everytime he opens it). There must be some way to get exchange to work via VPN on home? I know its got to do with the fact that the XP home isnt "officially" on the domain, but is there nothing I can do? PLEASE HELP! Thanks guys!

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Know about RPC

by itsupport In reply to Use RCP

Hi..thanks for the reply - and I know about this option - I was hoping for a simpler workaround within windows or within the VPN settings (like adding the dns servers to the vpn connection properties which enables name resolution while on the vpn). Looks like Im going to have to use RPC since no-one seems to know of a workaround...

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have you edited the lmhosts file?

by sangprasert In reply to Exchange via VPN on XP ho ...

You can statically specify the ip address of your exchange server by editing the lmhosts file under the \WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\ directory. Open it up in notepad and follow the directions. When you save it, remove the .sam from the file name and save it without any extension. Go to a command prompt and type nbtstat -R to reload the netbios table. Hope this helps.

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Thanks will try

by itsupport In reply to have you edited the lmhos ...

Thanks for the tip...I will try it and report back with my findings...I will only be able to try this Monday coming.

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Outlook over VPN

by wrigley.jenson In reply to Thanks will try

Were you able to connect to the Exchange server just by editing the hosts file and specifying the IP of it? You never reported back on your findings....

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by Triathlete1981 In reply to Exchange via VPN on XP ho ...

if you're running ex2003 w/outlook as the email program, you already have the mail server name in his email account settings. i don't know if changing the hosts file would do anything. i could be wrong.

ex2003 handles your internal and external emails. there's no known prob w/xp home and ex2003.

what are you talking about networked drives? mapping a g drive (or whatever letter) on his laptop to a specific folder on your file server? do you do this vpning into the network for any other user. are you trying to open/create his profile at your exchange server or simply set up the user for outlook on the user's laptop?

what type of connection is this person using on his laptop? pc card?

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RE: outlook

by itsupport In reply to outlook

Hi MRamirez1. As per your first paragraph, I think you missed the point a little bit - or I was vague.

At work, on the local wired connection, the exchange works (well, it asks for a username, password and domain whenever you open outlook) - this obviously due to the fact that the XP home isnt part of the domain.

The networked drives I mentioned because, allthough the computer is not part of the domain and thus not authenticated on the domain, you can manually map drives with preset credentials to reconnect at logon - this enabling the user to connect to his network files even if the operating system is not part of the Active Directory domain.

The problem comes in when he uses VPN. Since VPN runs on a completely different network address, even if a persistent route onto the local network is added, it cannot use the same authentication protocols as Windows XP Professional since XP home cannot be added to a domain. Thus, my Active directory domain cannot authenticate his laptop via the routed network.

When I open outlook while on the VPN, it simply says that the exchange server could not be found. When I try to set up the account, when I try to tell it which server it is, again, it tells me it cannot find the server (whether i use the IP address or the DNS name).

The connection he uses for his internet is a UMTS data card (via a mobile HSPDA internet connection).

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Outlook Web Access

by BFilmFan In reply to Exchange via VPN on XP ho ...

You've stated a very good reason why the user should be using Outlook Web Access, RPC over HTTP or POP connections to the Exchange server.

Are any of those configured?

If they are, why are you attempting to use this convoluted solution?

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If I could afford it

by santeewelding In reply to Outlook Web Access

I'd fly your silver tongue and your *** to my place and cure my screwup.

Boy, did I screw things up.

I'm so vulnerable with annoyance and desperation that I'd...nevermind.]

I'll press on with my convoluted whatever.

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What's up?

by BFilmFan In reply to If I could afford it

What's going wrong in your environment? I'm always willing to help where I can.

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