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Exchange/W2K SP4 - Outlook can not logon

By Basher ·
I have seen several of issues like the one I'm having but I can not find a solution to mine. Here's what I did, I applied W2K SP4 to our Exchange 2000 server. Once I did that all my remote Outlook users kept getting prompted for their username, password, domain when synchronizing. Now if you are in the Domain Admins group you can synch just fine.

So I have narrowed it down to the RPC patch in SP4 that is not allowing clients to connect and sync. So after a day of searching on Technet I've found these articles that have not helped:

I'm just at a loss on where to go from here. I don't understand why Domain Admins can sync just fine but those who are not in the group can not?!?! Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?

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by CG IT In reply to Exchange/W2K SP4 - Outloo ...

first off what, if any, alerts are in the event viewer under applications. second, did your reboot the server after appling the service pack? Try rebooting a worstation, join the domain again as a user and see if that clears up the problem. If that doesn't work, try setting up Outlook again to use your exchange server and see if you can query AD for server and name resolution of a user. If that fails, there's a connectivity problem between Exchange and your DC running AD.

other questions,have you applied ALL exchange service packs and hotfixes?

note: I have W2K server sp4 with Exchange 2000 and have no problem with users connecting via Outlook.

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by Curacao_Dejavu In reply to Exchange/W2K SP4 - Outloo ...

on which servicepack is theexchnage 2000 running ?


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by Basher In reply to Exchange/W2K SP4 - Outloo ...

Exchange is running SP3

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by Basher In reply to Exchange/W2K SP4 - Outloo ...

Ok.. the issue was a DNS problem. For some reason external clients were resolvoing the Exchange server to the Public IP of the box and with SP4 installed this would no longer work. It had to resolve to the Internal IP address. We created a Microsoft Online Incident report for $99 and suprisingly to say they help resolve the issue pretty quickly. It was work the $99!

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by Basher In reply to

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by Basher In reply to Exchange/W2K SP4 - Outloo ...

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