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Exchange webmail available on internet?

By Jason Burns ·

In general terms what do I need to do to get access to my exchange server's webmail from the internet Securely.

I have a firewall in place and I want my users to access their mail from any customers site they are on using the customers internet access.



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by CG IT In reply to Exchange webmail availabl ...

In general terms, setup Outlook Web Access for users.

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by ariston In reply to Exchange webmail availabl ...

Once you have Outlook Web Access setup (Here's a link for assistace: )

Be sure to setup a DNS record that points or something similar, to the internal IP address of the Exchange server.

From a web browser, you can then type in and you will receive a dialog box asking for a username and password (and possibly domain name which is just yourdomain). Once they put in the proper credentials they will have access to their mailbox.

Use the directions in the link posted above for setting up OWA.

Hope that helps!

Ariston Collander

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by Curacao_Dejavu In reply to Exchange webmail availabl ...

wihout knowing which version of exchange it is a bit difficult so I choose exchange 2000 as an example.

here are the articles:

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short summary answer, you need to put your server in the dmz, or get an outside ip address. once you have this, open the traffic through your firewall to the server for secure http -8080- by default. users will then be able to open exchanges web interface. this is pretty straight forward.

i could go into more details about security, but i think that should be self explanitory. make sure the box is hardened and well updated.

good luck, should be pretty easy.

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