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    Exchange2k prevents outbound email


    by rmortensen ·

    After running the Internet wizard in Wk2 small business server, Exchange2000 server no longer allows the outlook client deliver to pop accounts.

    What is up with this?


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      by cg it ·

      In reply to Exchange2k prevents outbound email

      do you have ISA server installed with SBS2000???
      SBS 2000 comes with it and if installed, when you run the ICS wizard [ hopefully from the administrators console] it give you options to publish your exchange server and use POP3. Setting these parameters are required so that correct ISA server allow rules and packet filters are created. you can examine your POP3 using Telnet. at the comand promt type: telnet and press enter. That opens telnet. Next at the telnet cmd promt type: set local_echo and press enter. Next type in: open localhost 110 this will verify you’ve connected to the POP3 virtual server you should see the Welcome message +OK Microsoft Exchange 2000 POP3 Server Version . Next at the cmd prompt type in user administrator and press enter verify the server response is +OK next type in pass password and press enter Verify the server response is +OK next type in list this should list all messages. IF you don’t get these and have ISA server installed allow rules and packet filters weren’t created therefore port 110 traffic is being blocked.

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