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Exchanging passwords

By Namco ·

I've recently started a new job and need to have around 20 passwords handed over to me - whats the most secure way for me to record the passwords, there is no way I can remember them all along with everything else when starting a new job. Would it be best to have them all written down and stored in a fireproof safe?


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That's up to you

by sbrown95 In reply to Exchanging passwords

Sorry Namco, I think this is a touchy subject for most people, but i am a firm believer that no stored password is a secure password. It does not matter how you choose to "safely" store a password - there will always be a potetial for a breach of security. I refuse to be that person. I know it's not fun to remember all those passwords, but we all have to live with it. If you ABSOLUTELY have to store a password, I would pick some sort of password storage software. They seem to be a dime a dozen. The software does not matter, it's the encryption that counts. Choose the highest level you can afford with the features you need.

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up to you

by Prana7 In reply to That's up to you

you can change password to easy to rem or store a password. if i m in your shoes. i rather give all of end users change password every 30 days so they can change their password. also you need, too.

it is tough to remember all of password. impossible.

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Is it up to you ??

by Murr In reply to That's up to you

First, I would check to see what policies your company has in place. They may have some rules or guidelines that could get you in hot water if you don't follow them.... If there are none, I would still check with your superior

Most passwords consist of 3 parts; what its used for, the user name, the password. Generally, its OK to write them down, but keep the three seperate! If someone gets your password, they won't know which user name or which system it belongs to.
Of course, this is not perfect. So you need to decide, based on how critical the system is, which passwords to write down and whcih ones to commit to memeory.. (or use software as others have suggested)

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Try a pocket PC

by dafe2 In reply to Exchanging passwords

I use an HP. The software you use is up to you.

Most password keepers encrypt the password database & synch with your laptop or desktop.

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