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    Exchanging Vista for XP


    by wmarr ·

    A fellow coworker, has purchased windows vista, the vista ready
    examination stated that his computer fit the basic minimum
    requirements. Now, he tells me that he is trying to contact
    Microsoft(with no reply from them.. go figure) to exchange his out of
    package vista, for a legitimate version of XP pro. Now to me, in pure
    business sense, Microsoft could unvalidate his installation, and send
    him the OS he wants as long as they receive Vista first. To me, no
    harm done. But since he tells me that he is going around in circles
    with this idea, (I know that a lot of techies out there would call him a
    few choice names, but I won’t but I do know that what other techies
    would say and what he wants are both legit.
    I suggested to him, that he clone his hard drive, wipe his off clean,
    purchase either by cloning one from a willing seller, or reinstall
    manually, etc, and give the cloned drive (with Vista)to to the seller of
    XP (hope you are following me) And change the ownership of both
    computers. there problem solved as long as all the sellers data has
    been securely erased and vista don’t mind a name change.
    But my friend don’t want to go to all that trouble.
    Any other ideas would be helpful.
    Apparently, he had been using an illegal copy of XP and soon MS shut
    him down.(started loosing functions etc.) So he buys Vista. And of
    course he doesn’t come to me with his computer problem until after
    the fact and starts on telling me his problem. Now I am sending this
    message out to you all, just to see if there is a reasonable solution to
    this guys plight.
    So in closing, I thank you in advance to anyone who may have a viable
    solution to my friends problem.

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      by wmarr ·

      In reply to Exchanging Vista for XP


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      There are many flaws in your idea, but

      by ic-it ·

      In reply to Exchanging Vista for XP

      lets focus on one.
      If you go the clone route, unless each system has identical chipsets and controllers, both systems will require a repair.
      Why not just find someone that has a registered XP, call microsoft to transfer, do the installs (backup first) and trade media/COAs?

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      He does not a leg to stand on really..

      by Anonymous ·

      In reply to Exchanging Vista for XP

      Before you open the package it states that you agree to the rules of the software for which you have a key to install and use. NOT TO BUY and then return because he does not like the way it is acting. Your mate will just slowly get new hardware for this new software.

      Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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