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By Gerry A ·
We're about to bring on a new client, and they require that all of their data is encrypted. They also require that we hand over the drives if/when the relationship is terminated.

Our current production software sits on a SCO 5.0.6 box. To avoid having to reconfigure the SCO server, I am considering setting up a new server running either Windows or Linux. The new server would have two logical drives; each logical drive would be set up as RAID-1. One logical drive dedicated for the OS, the other for the data (this way I can just hand over the drives with the data if necessary). Once the server is set up, I would simply create a share on the new server and mount it on the SCO server via Samba.

My question is this: with the setup mentioned above, how do you suggest I encrypt the data on the share?

Thank you!

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by Jaqui In reply to Excryption Suggestions

really depends on what type of data it is.
if it's from something like oracle, use oracles entryption system.

encrypting entire drive is a huge performance hit, so I wouldn't encrypt anything but the generated data files.
those would be through application system.
( then if encryption system fails you have other company with people that have experience in fixing it. faster and cheaper repair for both you and client.
linux boxes regularly have the ability to use an md5 hash to encrypt most user data, adding database files wouldn't be hard.

encrypting letters, email, spreadsheets... even I'm not that paranoid, but look at the different methods. aes keys can be stolen with a timed attack, yet aes is one of the "best" encryption methods?
( reference:,2533,a=152403,00.asp

look at what your client is doing and see what you will have to pick encryption for. as some applications have encryption support included.

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by jmgarvin In reply to Excryption Suggestions

Do you want to encrypt the data on the share or the data on the wire going from the share to the clients?

I'm a blowfish and aes kinda guy.

If you want to secure the wire use something like SSH or SSL to get access to the share.

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