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    EXE file and NT Server


    by ashapoo_jain ·

    I havent been able to get the problem solved as asked in the previous question on Downloading the file and NT Server.
    The file gets downloaded in the Local machine if i keep the .exe file in WWWRoot and the same has been followed in the WebServer where the site is being hosted.
    Still i am not able to get the file downloaded.Rather it gives me error of Unauthorised due to ACL on Resource.

    Please this is important and i need a quick and corect solution. Rights on the file are correct and also the user on the webserver is authorised to download the file. The file System is NTFS

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      EXE file and NT Server

      by jhamm99 ·

      In reply to EXE file and NT Server

      Setup an FTP site with the same IP address. Make your HTML link point to the FTP link. Your problem is that IIS thinks that you are trying to run the EXE as a process of your web site. Your home directory tab probably has script access only giving you the ACL problem.

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      EXE file and NT Server

      by moflic ·

      In reply to EXE file and NT Server

      Does it download when right click>save target as…?
      If so, it tries to execute it, but the Access Control List gives it no right to do that. Set permisions only to read.
      Try putting the file in another folder, and alter the link in the page accordingly.

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      EXE file and NT Server

      by dcyr ·

      In reply to EXE file and NT Server

      Under IIS, the browser will not pass on NTLM authentication. Unless the user has been asked for username, domain, and password, the user is using the anonymous credentials. By default, the anonymous user account is IUSR_machinname. Try assigning theIUSR account rights to the file.

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