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exe files in linux

By goodnews2abhi ·
where can i find .exe files in linux after executing any program

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.exe files in linux

by Uv7 In reply to exe files in linux

Linux containes files that are executable, but unlike Windows there are no .exe files. Scripts are what start and stop programs.

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"no .exe files" not strictly true

by k07xs8c02 In reply to .exe files in linux

Unless Linux is vastly different from UNIX,
that really isn't the case.
There are executable programs,
they just don't have ".exe" at the end.
So, to run the program to copy a file from one place to another,
I type "mv filename foldername",
rather than "mv.exe filename foldername".
To run my HTML generator,
I type "tag b i u"
rather than "tag.exe b i u"
One *can*, however, run programs from inside scripts, and those scripts (usually) don't have extensions either,
unlike "batch scripts" on DOS/Windows,
which end it ".BAT".
But even inside those "shell scripts"
(as they call them),
executable programs are invoked by just their names,
and those names almost never have an extension such as ".exe".
Email me if you want Too Much Information.

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