.exe to iso

By clarkd038 ·
Are there programs to create an ISO image out of an .exe file.


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I'm wondering why you would want to ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to .exe to iso

Strictly speaking, an ISO image is a collection of differing files ~files that would normally be housed on an optical disc, either CD or DVD~ and the ISO is a single file that 'contains' all of the aforementioned data.

As to a single .EXE file becoming an ISO, it would really have to be a helluva size to warrant the transformation.

However, if you wanted to do so, you could do worse than running it through Nero7 Ultimate. Nero will make an ISO out of just about anything, that could then be mounted in a virtual drive, rather than burned to an actual optical disc.

But, since you already have an .EXE file, why not just either copy the file AS IS to an optical disc, or transfer it, or run it, from a thumb drive?

<Single typo - Yipee !!>

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Yes there are you can try some of these

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to .exe to iso

Most of those above should do exactly what you asked for and they are free.

Depending on the CD/DVD Burning Software you already have installed this may even do this for you. Nero certainly can.


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by clarkd038 In reply to Yes there are you can try ...

Thank you, I got it mounted into my virtual machine.

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I use

by jimmy-jam In reply to .exe to iso


Available free from

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