Exernal audio problem

By Nkem ·
i need some assistance. i have 2 Dell Latitude D10 laptops with WIndows Vista Ultimate installed the audio works perfectly, but when a headset is connected there is no sound from theearphones. It worked when the system had Windows XP Professional installed on the systems. initially i thot it was Vista issue. But i also have 2 of the same laptops all with the same specs with Vista and those laptops don't have the audio problem. please does anyone know hw i can correct this issues with the hardware because the users need to make use of the headsets on those systems.
i really appreciate ur help as a resolution has been pending. Thank u guys

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Go into the "sound" settings and see if the Headphones..

Are muted. If they are then just un-mute them. You might need the motherboard drivers to add the sound again just in case all of the files where not loaded properly.

Please post back if you have anymore problems or questions.

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a Few things to check

by C'Town LarryMac In reply to Exernal audio problem

I'm assuming you've verified that the headset itself is good and didn't die along the way...

Vista doesn't move as seamlessly between speakers and headsets as you'd think. You may need to select the headset as the default output device and restart the program. The good new is that if that's your primary program, you should be good after that first time.

Another thing to check are the drivers for the sound card. The other Dells that you're using may be the same config, but if they're later releases they may have a newer driver.

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problem resolved

by Nkem In reply to Exernal audio problem

hi! finally i resolved the issue with the audio. In the sound applet, the speakers display that they are working, but the microphone only displays working if it is selected as default. though the none work when the headset is connected.
i have uninstalled the sigmatel audio software before but still no change. this time i uninstalled while choosing remove audio driver checkbox as well (which i didn't do before). i waited a while the system detected the audio device and using found new hardware installed the driver online. when it was completed, i checked the sound applet, this time all the devices displayed working but still the audio was not heard from the earphone. i right clicked the speakers option in the sounds (playback tab)applet, selected test and i could here the sound from the earphones. i'm so grateful to God that i cud achieve this.

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