Exhange 2003 and Distribution Lists

By venishan ·
Hi All

Short Background
My company has in excess of 800 external contacts and they placed in different distribution lists as per different business units requirements. In some instances, we have more than 200 contacts in a distribution list.

We have a problem where over a period of time, people leave and we end up with a distribution list that contains incorrect email addresses etc. This seriously affects the sending of email and we sometimes have the problem that other emails are held back as the system is still retrying the incorrect email addresses.

I heard that there is a program that splits emails ie, an email sent to 100 person is split into 100 seperate emails so that only the incorrect emails stand in the queue and not 100.

Can you guys/gals please tell me how you go about resolving this issue, either by using a separating program or settings on the server.

Thanx in advance.

Kind Regards

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Mail merge

by p.j.hutchison In reply to Exhange 2003 and Distribu ...

I suggest using Mail merge feature of MS Word which can send out 100 seperate mails and can have them personalised if you had the appropiate information in a data file to feed to the message template.

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Unique Emails : Send Personally

by htawil In reply to Exhange 2003 and Distribu ...

a good solution for Microsoft Outlook that I have been using is SendPersonally visit

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