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Exhange and POP3/SMTP

By jeff.toates ·
I am running Exchange 5.5 SP4 located behind my firewall, I am using a SMTP relay server to relay and filter outbound and inbound email from the internet. I have a user that is located at a remote location with only access to the internet and I need to set him up to access our exchange server. He doesn't like using OWA. I don't want to open any unnecessary holes in my network to allow him access via POP3. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do?

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Exhange and POP3/SMTP

by Joseph Moore In reply to Exhange and POP3/SMTP

Can you set up a VPN between the remote user office and your office? At least that way, all communication to/from your Exchange server and the user will be through the encrypted tunnel.
Otherwise, you will have to open up the POP3 and SMTP ports tothe Exchang server.
You don't have many options here. If the user needs to communicate to your machine, you need to allow access to the machine.
Can your firewall allow access to the mail ports from specific IP addresses only?
Can you drop a dedicated line between the user and your office?

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Exhange and POP3/SMTP

by kdrungilas In reply to Exhange and POP3/SMTP

If all he needs is email, and only has an internet connection, you can have him set up a POP3 mail account with his isp or any one of a number of email services. In Exchange, if he already has a mailbox, create a custom recipient with his new POP3 address and send mail to this as an alternate recipient. If he doesn't have a mailbox yet, then you can just create him as a custom recipient. He can configure his Outlook to access and download the mail from his isp.

You'll want to copy the GALto a corporate mailbox's contacts folder and export to a pst for him to import--that way he'll have all your company email addresses. Any new mailbox can be sent to him as v-card.

If you had more than one user needing access, then you could justify the cost of VPN or opening up your server to pop3...with only one guy--maybe a work-around like I've suggested is a better way to go. 8 )

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