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    Exhchange Server LAN vs WAN


    by jgreer ·

    My employer currently houses their Exchange server in another state and uses a T1 for email access. I need some ideas on how I can present a good argument on moving the exchange server to our local site instead of it being out of state. Any ideas are helpful.

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      Exhchange Server LAN vs WAN

      by johnleonard ·

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      apart from the obvious argument – saving on bandwidth – is there any reason why you need to move the server? can’t you just add another one to the ‘exchange site’ on your LAN?

      I’m assuming here that you have two sites, connected by a T1,that both have clients that need to pickup mail from the exchange server. adding a local exchange server at each end of the T1, to service local mail clients, seems like a better idea because the only traffic that travels down the T1 is sync trafficbetween the servers.

      Let me know your thoughts on this one!

      good luck


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      Exhchange Server LAN vs WAN

      by shanghai sam ·

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      The server should be on the same LAN link with the users. Better yet would be to have a server at your Site, and one at the distant end. Each is its own Site within the same Organization. Here’s how to argue it.

      Set up a packet sniffer on the WAN link and measure the amount of traffic between your site and the distant server. If you can show that e-mail is eating up a big chunk of your T-1 line, then you can put that into terms of dollar savings, either by moving the server (if there arefew customers at the distant end) or by adding a server at your site (if there are a lot of customers at both locations).

      Good fortune,

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      Exhchange Server LAN vs WAN

      by jgreer ·

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