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existing xls file now causing page fault

By wvbuzz ·
I have an existing excel '97 file that a user has worked with on a consistent basis for (2) years. The file resides on a file server that is on the same network as the client machine. The client machine (windows '9 is a member of an internal work group that the file server is not a part of. The client machine is a PII 400MHz, with 192 MB RAM.
The .xls file contains (4) sheets. When worksheet 3 is accessed, it produces a windows page fault error. This happens over the network as well as when copied locally to the client.
The file can be accessed by all windows 2000 machines, as well as by a '98 machine that does not belong to the workgroup.
If you go to edit->change or move sheets->and change the order of the sheet, it will display properly and allow you to modify it. You can then go to file->save, and save the changes. If you click anywhere on the file before you save it, it produces the page fault error and continues to do so whenever you open it.You must then copy the original and move the order of the sheets again.
This just started happening. It's happening to a marketing lady. DILBERT PRINCIPLE IS IN FULL EFFECT. AARGH!


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existing xls file now causing page fault

by skutts In reply to existing xls file now cau ...

This sound very similar to a problem I had a short while ago - If you have/had MS Works installed on this pc then the answer is on Microsofts KB - sorry, I dont know the number, but esatrch for 'Excel' 'Works' and believe it or not, 'Printer' (It has something to do with windows trying to pass the file through the printer driver first. I know, I was confused too!!! )

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