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Expand Query and Narrow Search

By putchavn ·
Most of the popular search engines tend to accept a brief and broad query and embark on a search. This results in long lists of possibly relevant and mostly irrelevant documents / sites, imposing further manual search on the information seeker.

One remedy is to structure and expand the query formulation. One needs to know what is sought more precisely, that too from the information seeker. One aspect of the query structure is the separation of the "words that occur" in the target site or document and the "descriptions of what is sought".

InfoProbeScope is one such dialog-box design, which enables information seeker to specify the above along with "importance weights"-- another aspect of structuring the query. The ranked list of selected documents is very short and reliable with high precision and maximum recall.

For better results, the source documents have to be indexed and tagged once at the time documents are created or accepted into the repository--a small price to pay for recurring benefits for every query. This creates demand for manual and automatic indexing and tagging service / software.

Let’s work on such software and service.

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