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Expand Raid-5 Array

By sjc2309 ·

I have a HighPoint RocketRAID 454 for both Windows XP SP2 and 2000 SP4(+Rollup).

One array is RAID-5 with 3 disks and I would like to add another disk to this array.

I know I can add a new disk if the array is broken but how would I "expand" an existing (working) array without data loss?

Thank you.



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Expand RAID-5 array

by lscott708 In reply to Expand Raid-5 Array

Unless the Highpoint controller supports a RAID expansion feature - there isn't any direct method if you want to maintain the RAID-5 fault tolerance.

The only other way is to first backup the array data. Then delete the 3 drive array and re-create it as a 4 drive array. Restore the data to the new larger array and you're good to go.

Note if you add a disk that's larger than the other disks, it will be resized to match the capacity of the others. In other words, if you have 3 36 GB disks and add a 73 GB disk you will only be able to use 36 GB of the 73 in your new configuration. The remainder will be unusable.

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