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Expand your font sizing options with CSS

By MaryWeilage Editor ·
This week's Design and Usability Tactics e-newsletter describes how you can expand your font sizing options with CSS. What do you think of the CSS text-sizing options the author examines in this column? What benefits and/or challenges have you encountered when working with any of these font sizing options?

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Pica size

by bob.wincentsen In reply to Expand your font sizing o ...

The discussion is relevant however a pica is defined as "= 12 points or 1/6 inch". There are 6 lines of type in a printer's inch.

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Thank you

by MaryWeilage Editor In reply to Pica size

Thanks for pointing out this error in the column. We'll publish a correction in next week's e-newsletter.

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This is embarrrassing

by Michael Meadhra In reply to Pica size

You're right, of course. There are 6 picas per inch, not 12. I should have caught that by cross-checking the math. There are 72 points per inch and 12 points per pica, so 72/12 is 6 pica per inch.

That's what I get for going from memory. I spent a few years in typesetting/advertising production where I worked with points and picas on a daily basis. However, that was long ago and memory of details get fuzzy with time and disuse. Picas aren't used outside of the printing trade, so I haven't had occasion to use that unit of measure in many years.

Mea culpa. My apologies to all.

Michael Meadhra

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