expanding network 8 floors

By cyberjan ·
I have a non-pofit agency in Boston ma in an old building on beacon st next to the statehouse.
They just rented a conference room on the first floor [they are on the 8th floor]
They want 3 voince and data lines. They contacted the phone company to connect them. The company came in and set up a new DSL line in the building phone box. Then told them they needed to hire an electrician to run a cable between the office and the dial tone.

To me that seems to mean the DSL line will be connected, but what about voice and data connection to the 8 th floor

I am the network manager and need to know what I need to connect the server to these workstations to be located on the first floor.
It is a windows 2000 server, all of the My docs are connected to a network drive which backs up every night, the DSL router provides the DNS, and the external email. The internal mail is handled by the exchange server.
thanks jan

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Need more details

by jdmercha In reply to expanding network 8 floor ...

How do you get voice and data on the 8th floor in the first place?
Do you have one DSL line for the 8th floor and a second DSL line for the 1st floor?
Do you have two DSL routers?
Are the DSL routers located in the phone box, or is one on each floor?

I'm not sure what to do about the voice, but for data you should be able to connect the two DSL routers to another router. Then connect both 8th and 1st floor data lines to that router.

Basically you need a sinlge point of distribution for the two incoming DSL lines.

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by sabiodun In reply to expanding network 8 floor ...

depending on your present voice/data set up on the 8th floor. if your existing set up can still accomodate extra points then you only need to run cabling between the two floors and you are in business.

hope this helps.


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Try the following method

by thejendra In reply to expanding network 8 floor ...

Data expansion - See if the lan switch on eighth floor supports fibre optic expansion. If it does buy another small switch that also supports fibre optic expansion and link the two floors via a long fibre optic cable. Ensure the cable is routed via secure pipe and lay an extra cable and necessary connectors for drp purposes. This will extend the data connection. Next the cabling guys will need to install the required utp cables, connectors and patch cables in the conference room to connect the desktops. Have extra ports installed for future expansion.

Voice expansion - You need to see if the pabx on the eighth floor supports a similar/equivalent expansion option without costing a heap of money. Certain systems also support long cables with/without an extender. The pabx vendor is the best person to study and suggest a method depending on the model. Otherwise it is better if you have three independent and direct telephone lines, either wireless or regular, as supplied by the local telephone company.

Hope this helps

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First step

by jkn1ck In reply to Try the following method

Your first step is to get a site plan (blueprint) for the building. It should be the latest copy with telecom listed so you can see the routing of cables. Then you need to run conduit from your 8th floor area to the 1rst floor room. Then you need a good cabling company to pull voice data to the first floor. Allow "curve radius" in your fiber conduit, usually 18" so you don't crimp the fiber. Connect all up to a rack and run local data and voice in your new room.

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One Option

by lesko In reply to expanding network 8 floor ...

If the DSL service is readily available you can get a small Cisco router and run a site to site VPN with your main site upstairs. A bit of an overkill but its a relatively quick implementation vs. having to run conduit upstairs to protect fiber and/or copper.

In the long run however the fiber idea would be more cost effective

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You Can Use UTP cabling

by yohanes In reply to One Option

Standard PBX can supply a SLT extention more than 2 km using 0.6 mm copper wire and ethernet specification permit up to 100 m of cabling (I believe 8 floor @ 5 meter each will not run you more than 100m UTP cable).

So ask your cable guy to install the cabling using UTP Cat5, make sure the data cable will not exceed 100m and for voice you can run as long as you like

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by cyberjan In reply to expanding network 8 floor ...

Since the dsl line comes into the basement...and they added a dsl in the basement for the first floor....i think I can connect the 2 dsl lines to connect the network on the first floor with the network on the 8 th floor

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