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Experience on-the-job

By rickeyln ·
This is one that always gets me: all of the job ads that I see want so much (# years') experience on the job. But if you don't have it already, how do you get hired/ Make it up? The people who have this magic ingredient got it because SOMEONE HIRED THEM TO BEGIN WITH! If you can't get hired, THEN YOU CAN'T GET THE EXPERIENCE YOU NEED TO GET HIRED!! HR people don't know and could care less(beccause they're already hired), and they NEVER WILL figure it out, either. This is by far the biggest frustration for me in my job search.

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Check the other discussion...

by Albert Franco II In reply to Experience on-the-job

There's another discussion just like this. Check it out. "Getting Started" by sizaak.

Briefly, the answer is to get experience by donating your time to non-profits and charities. Try your church, the local youth club, the Red Cross, and a host ofother entities which may need help that they can't pay for. This way you help them and they help you.

See the other discussion for more ideas.

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I agree.

by landon021 In reply to Check the other discussio ...

I agree, HR departments sent standards so high that by the time I get the required degrees, certifications, deploma's, (whatever), techology moves and changes so fast that the job will be obsolete by the time I get there, I understand they want to find the best qualified people for the job, it's just frustrating.

Another thing that bugs me: "...looking for an applicant with 3 years experiance in a Windows 2000 environment...". How many years has win2k been out?

I'll stop here.

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There's a joke--

by SilverBack In reply to Check the other discussio ...

How do you get good judgement? From experience. Well, where does experience come from? Bad judgement. What you're needing is experience that doesn't come from bad judgement.

No doubt, you're in a situation, but it's not hopeless. Mr. Franco gave you a good heads-up--non-profits, community agencies, church groups--all at some time or another have requirements that are far beyond their capabilities. Volunteer your time. Get a foot-hold and make some contacts in local political (yukkk!!)or business groups, or get involved with community activities--sometimes, the right person having personal knowledge of your capabilities will out-weigh HR's documented "need" for centuries of experience.

Good luck in your job search.

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by colink In reply to Experience on-the-job

The degree to which your frustration shows is obvious in your shouted plea.
Here are some simple, and common sense approaches to the problem.
Consider - if the job says you have to have 5+ years experience then add up all your experience in anything vaguely associated with the position. If you fixed radios when you were youg then add that.
Add a statement at the beginning of your CV stating xx years experience. It will provoke a question, which gets the interview!
Make contact with people on the job, either locally or over the net (like this) and display your experience. Notching up some wins this way with sound advice, and then adding that comment into your CV displays initiative and gains respect from others.
Never lie about actual jobs. NEVER. You willbe caught out. But check back with people from those jobs and ask for their support, verbal reference, or similar. Keeping in touch this way lends credibility because when a potential employer talks to your person he/she is able to say they still know you.
Lastly, and this is probably the most forgotten,give up seeking a JOB. Train yourself to think ahead of now and decide on a progression path, career, or whatever the firm you are applying to puts it. Showing this initiative, and how it will benefit your employer will raise your 'real-life' experience profile, outweighing your 'required' skills.

And lastly - lose the angry attitude. It will show, no matter how much you hide it.

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