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Experience with HP iSCSI?

By abenton ·
We have been attempting to solve a series of problems with our new servers using HP's MSA1510i (iSCSI SAN), but haven't gotten anywhere for over 4 weeks now. We have two servers attached to the MSA1501i, on its own gigabit network, yet the server with SQL server on it particularly keeps on running into iSCSIPRT errors, resulting in the server locking up. We are getting nowhere fast. I was wondering what other's experience with HP iSCSI has been like? Has anyone had success in a Windows 2003 R2 environment?

We've tried a variety of things, and now have been asked (by HP support) to change the disk striping size (from the default), change from RAID 5 to RAID 1 (because there are problems with RAID 5 on the MSA1501i) and there are problems with the Proliant network drivers in working with MSA1510i (but we haven't yet learnt what fixes are needed).

It would help to hear if any are having any success (or otherwise) with HP iSCSI.


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