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Experienced IT pro at New Job

By ajnevman ·
I just started a new job, been here over 90 days now, have over 10 years exp in the industry, new job has me more or less working in a branch office.
My peers work out of corp and have a real tight reign on things at my new location.
I have made several attempts diplomaticly to request the needed access to do my job, and our IT Director gave the green light for the access, it has not happened and I have to resort to using linux boot disk to reset the local admin password just so I could do my work.
Issues that affect my office are not communicated effectively to me, so essentialy I have to grope around in the dark and wait for users to tell me that things are ok now.
Emails that explain issues are not forwarded to me and Im the IT person onsite.
I have had two sessions with management, I dont wont to come off as a baby, primadonna sort.
It has been suggested that I wait it out, at least 6 months to a year, especially in this economy, I should be happy that I have a job kind of thinking, that breeds ulcers and postal momments I think.. but that could be me.
Dunno... any feed back would be appreciated...

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IT Directors fault

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Experienced IT pro at New ...

They gave the green light but did not follow through. Approach the director again and inform then that you are still to get the access you need for your job. If the director is worth anything they will make sure the access happens.

I talk for experience as I once worked for a company with exactly the same issues. Needless to say I hung around for a while and left once a better opportunity came up (at a different company).

See if you can get the access first, then see how it goes. If not I suggest you start to have a look around without making any sudden knee-jerk movements.

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by ajnevman In reply to IT Directors fault

Hey thanks for the reply, I almost crapped on myself it was so fast, oh wait thats my desperation talking cuz Im in a friggin wilderness, I dont even get the courtesy of a response to my technical queries or issues here, I could go on, but WTF... I will take your suggestions into consideration.

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