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Experiences calling Microsoft "Professional" Tech Support?

By nylentone ·
Have you ever called Microsoft's Professional Support Services? You know, the department that charges $245 per incident on problems with Windows Server and the like. Why did you call them? Have you ever had a good experience? What were your bad experiences like? Would you pay the same or more to call a technically competent person who could speak English properly?

Personally, I have never found it to be productive - in fact, it's been COUNTERPRODUCTIVE - to call them. My boss forces me to call them. I've usually found the solution on my own while spending hours trying to explain to the person on the other end of the line the problem, which they can never really grasp. I'm curious what others' experiences have been. I'm thinking of offering my own services in this way as I'm sure I would do a better job than anyone I've dealt with at Microsoft.

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