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Experiences with Altiris?

By gralfus ·
My company is moving towards a program suite called Altiris, which does asset management (inventories PCs and software over the network) and incorporates Carbon Copy for doing remote control of computers. It seems to be rather unstable (crashes a lot making it useless and frustrating), but I'm not sure if that is due to our configuration or is inherent in the product.

So I'm asking if anyone here has had experience with this package and your thoughts on it.

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by ericl_w19 In reply to Experiences with Altiris?

i work at a large medical college with 18,000 users.we use altiris to push out windows updates and do inventory.we have carbon copy on but i really dont like it.since i dont admin this i couldnt really tell you more.

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Used to use CC

by w2ktechman In reply to maybe?

Carbon Copy usage by me was back before Win2k (NT4). It didnt crash a lot on me, but it did occasionally. It was easy to use and mostly problem free. But, now I just use netmeeting to control clients (internal) systems. Less SW purchasing

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We're using it...

by Mervzss In reply to Experiences with Altiris?

Our Company has been using it for a couple of years now... I had experienced using Altiris and I would not really recommend it specially for the purpose of Patch Management maybe to other of its features.

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Learning Curve

by Todd Murray In reply to Experiences with Altiris?

I've been using Altiris for a couple years now and it works very well for us. The thing to remember is that Altiris is a SQL application. When i first started working on it I found a lot of issues with the configuration and stability. But as time passed and I learned how to use it I found many of the problems were due to insufficient resources.

In our case the Deployment Server process was crashing and the Notification Server processes were timing out. We tracked this down to SQL deadlock problems caused by disk speed. Since then we moved the SQL logs and data to a external array with 2 drives on RAID 1 for the logs and 6 drives in RAID 10 for the data. This removed the constant use of the page file and the dead locks disappeared.

Since then we've found it to be extremly stable and are about to reconfigure our model to 1 NS and many PS/DS's.

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