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    Explain me about x64 systems?


    by naylynnaung ·

    My computer uses Wolfdale processor runs at 2.60 GHz. Level 2 Cache 2 MB. FSB 800 MHz. I know that this processor supports 64 Bit Architecture. I want to use 64 Bit system such as Windows XP 64 Bit Edition, Windows 7 64 Bit Edition. But some of my friends told me that if I want to use 64 Bit system, I must install the 64 Bit version of both OS and Application Software in order to get benefits from 64 bit Architecture. Can I use 32 Bit Applications in 64 Bit OS? For example, 64 Bit Version of Windows 7 with 32 Bit version of Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise Edition.

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      by naylynnaung ·

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      by purpleskys ·

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      by .martin. ·

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      32-bit programs (most of the time) work on 64-bit (32-bit drivers do not).

      to get the best performance, you need to use 64-bit programs. You only get 32-biut performance with 32-bit programs, even in a 64-bit OS

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      Your friends are correct here

      by oh smeg ·

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      If you use 64 Bit Applications on a 64 Bit OS the unit will perform better.

      But as M$ doesn’t have a 64 Bit Version of Office currently for sale they have set the 64 Bit OS to create two Program Folders. One for 64 Bit Applications which there are very few of as we speak and one for 32 Bit Applications which there are lots of by far the majority of Applications will be 32 Bit.

      When you install any new application the OS automatically sends the Files to the necessary Folder and treats then individually for the OS.

      So this way any version of 64 Bit Windows will work with any version of software that is compatible with the OS.

      So your friends are wrong if they claim that you need 64 Bit Applications to work on a 64 Bit Platform. But under ideal conditions they should perform better than 32 Bit Applications when they eventually become available. 😉


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        I asked some friends about this a few months back

        by jamesrl ·

        In reply to Your friends are correct here

        They were running Beta copies of Win7 64 bit. The game we all play is old (2007) and was written with only 32 bit in mind.

        So my question was, considering you were all running 32 Bit XP with max ram (4GB, minus the area reserved for system) and the game itself ran with as little RAM as 512 MB, and could run up to 2 GB of RAM, do you actually see any improvement when you updated to Win7 64 bit? In theory the only improvement would be that the OS would run faster.

        Their answer was, yes we see a noticeable improvement. Keep in mind their systems were “state of the art” with XP. Of course a 64 bit app would run even better, but the improvement in the OS did trickle down to gameplay.


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          no you won’t and you need to understand how

          by cg it ·

          In reply to I asked some friends about this a few months back

          processors process chunks of data to know why. This all goes back to architecture of the x86 system.

          32 bit really means 32 bit word processing where a word is a group of bits processed together by the processor. The size of data transfers between the processor and memory are word size.

          So your 64 bit system processes [and transfers data] in 64 bit word chunks.

          If you have a 32 bit word complied program, the processor processes[and memory transfers]in 32 bit word chunks.

          32 bit can’t be done in 64 bit.

          here’s a wiki on word size and how that relates to computer hardware archiecture and software.

          So there is no performance gain from 32 bit to 64 bit hardware when running 32 bit programs because the application is complied in 32 bit word therefore the processor processes [and transfers] in 32 bit word chunks. You can gain increased performace with 2 core processors and large memory allocations with 32 bit operating systems and applications, but 32 bit does have a memory addressing limit of 4 GB [rounded it].

          note: early on in PC computing, they dropped the word connotation to 32 bit processing as everyone confused it with word processing such as WordPerfect or MS Word, not a chunk of data called “word”.

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          But my point was….

          by jamesrl ·

          In reply to no you won’t and you need to understand how

          Because the OS is running faster, and the 32 bit app requires functions from the OS, the game “feels” faster, and benchmarks faster. Of course it would not be nearly as fast as it could be if the entire app were running in 64 bit.

          For example, games rely heavily on MS Direct X and the .Net framework, part of the OS which would run faster in 64 bit mode.


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          no not really because the processor processes

          by cg it ·

          In reply to But my point was….

          in 32 bit word chunks per cycle. The processor can’t process 32 bit word in 64 bit word per cycle. So what it [the processor] does when it sees 32 bit word expressions, is run 32 bit word per cycle. That’s all it can do regardless of the processor being able to process 64 bit word per cycle [which is a lot more data per cycle processed than 32 and 32 is quite a bit more data processed per cycle than 16 bit].

          Now if you have a dual core processor rather than a single core processor, sure it will run faster. Often noticably. If you have 4 GB memory [largest block 32 bit systems can address] vs 2 GB yes you might see a difference in performance.

          Just wait until they go to 128 bit word processing per cycle. 🙂

          but I doubt developers will create applications in 128 bit word. They don’t create em now for 64 bit word processing and 64 bit word processing has been around for a while.

          note: all this started with the intel 8086 or x86 architecture and 16 bit integers up to the 286 processor. With the 386, 32 bit word processing was available. Yep that’s right, 32 bit word processing came about way back when the 386 processor was developed. We still use 32 bit word processing today, almost what? 16/17 years later?

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          What can I say 1993 was when M$ was selling 32 Bit Systems

          by oh smeg ·

          In reply to no not really because the processor processes

          They have really proved that they are now massive and Bureaucratic as they have proved that they have been unable to come out with a really good 64 Bit OS till just recently.

          A victim of their own success. 😉


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          lol well application developers are also to blame

          by cg it ·

          In reply to What can I say 1993 was when M$ was selling 32 Bit Systems

          for not compiling programs in 64 bit.

          hardware also was a problem. real 64 bit word processors didn’t become readily available and financially affordable to the average joe until recently.

          Not sure where 64bit processing is going in terms of developers actually compiling programs in 64 bit word.

          If they do, they can take advantage of the larger memory addressing that 64 bit provides which can make applications and games.

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          Both BF2 and Crysis have free 64-bit updates …

          by older mycroft ·

          In reply to no not really because the processor processes

          Having grabbed and installed both a few months ago, they make a big difference mainly by allowing the Game Program to address more than 3([i]ish[/i])GB.

          ps You didn’t mention the beauty of 64-Bit NYBBLES. 🙂

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          ah Nibbles semioctect, quartets and memory….

          by cg it ·

          In reply to Both BF2 and Crysis have free 64-bit updates …

          but a nibble is half an octect or 4 bits and used for memory.

          the binary language of moisture evaporators….

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          Let me try to be clear.

          by jamesrl ·

          In reply to no not really because the processor processes

          Yes, I’ve understood the difference between 32 bit and 64 bit (and 16 bit) for a long time.

          My point, and I do have one, is that there is more to the application, especially games. If the Direct X, being part of the 64 bit OS, is 64 Bit, and it handles calls to the video, audio, networking hardware, then the game will run somewhat faster than it would on a system where Direct X is running in 32 bit. Same with the .Net framework, video drivers etc.

          Or are you tell me that when you launch a 32 bit app on a 64 bit OS system, that the whole thing,Direct X, drivers included, runs ina 32 bit compatability mode?


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          the processor will only process in 32 bit word

          by cg it ·

          In reply to Let me try to be clear.

          Deleted the overly long post.

          Yes, the whole thing runs 32 bit word per cycle because the application and it’s APIs are 32 bit word.

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