Explain System Properties Changing.

By hollywoodmi ·
Under the system properties, general tab, you have some spec's on your PC. For example Intel Core2 Duo T8100 @ 2.10GHz. That's pretty straight forward but under that it may say 847MHz, 2.00GB of RAM and at other times it may say 2.09GHz, 2.00GB of RAM. My question is what does that number/speed represent and why does it change?

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by Mohammad Oweis In reply to Explain System Properties ...

Modern CPUs either in PCs or Laptops can reduce the speed to save some power.
So, if you don't need high processing power the computer will lower the CPU speed to save some power. and once you required more processing power it will increase the speed automatically.

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It all comes down to Processor Load ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Explain System Properties ...

Because the Intel Core2Duo T8100 is a Mobile Processor generally fitted in notebook computers, which can be powered by both AC mains power and Battery power.

The T8100 is capable of Intel Speedstep Technology - this varies both the Voltage and the Clockspeed depending on the load presented to the processor (and in some cases whether the processor is being powered by the Battery or not).

Hover your pointer over the Speedstep Technology entry in the 'Advanced Technologies' listing in this site:**6

The variation in the read-out you witnessed would have depended on what the processor was doing when you checked it.

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by hollywoodmi In reply to It all comes down to Proc ...

Thanks for the reply and valuable info.

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