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Explain what is digital marketing?

i want to know about digital marketing.

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It is important to remember that just because digital marketing uses different communications techniques to traditional marketing, its end objectives are no different from the objectives that marketing has always had. It can be easy to set objectives for digital marketing based around ‘vanity metrics’ such as the number of ‘likes’ or followers, so it is useful to bear in mind this definition of marketing advanced by the Chartered Institute of Marketing:

This definition emphasizes the focus of marketing on the customer while at the same time implying a need to link to other business operations to achieve this profitability. Yet, it's a weak definition in relation to digital marketing since it doesn't emphasize communications which are so important to digital marketing. In Digital Marketing Excellence my co-author, PR Smith and I note that digital marketing can be used to support these aims as follows:

Optimizing digital marketing can be tricky, and a simple definition does not necessarily translate into something that is useful for achieving business objectives. That is where the RACE Digital Marketing Planning framework comes in, as it can help break down digital marketing into easier to manage areas that can then be planned, managed and optimized.

Our graphical summary definition of the scope of digital marketing
To answer the question 'What is digital marketing?', we have put together this new visual definition summarizing all the activities that form digital marketing that needs to be managed across the Smart Insights RACE Planning framework. It's used in the new, 6th edition of Dave's Digital Marketing book. We explain best practices for all of these in our Digital Marketing Elearning course. The infographic is divided into activities to develop and manage digital strategy at the top to the marketing activities at the bottom.
So, digital marketing is about utilizing digital technology to achieve marketing objectives. There is no essential need for digital marketing to always be separate from the marketing department as a whole, as the objectives of both are the same. However, for now, it remains a useful term because digital marketing requires a certain skill set to utilize digital technology effectively.

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Digital marketing

Digital marketing is a process of gaining traffic to your website with the help SEO, social media marketing n various other products.

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Digital marketing is all about Generating more leads.

by rajatrajput2816 In reply to Explain what is digital m ...

Digital marketing is on a boom today. People are using the internet more today whether to learn something, to shop, to watch movie, or to pass their free time on social media handles. There might be some possibilities that people using the internet are looking up for the services or products just like yours. So, if they will see your business's presence online, then you can generate more leads.

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igital Marketing in Brief

by rajatrajput2816 In reply to Explain what is digital m ...

In a brief, Digital marketing is creating brand awareness and ultimately aiming to generate more leads. As traditional advertising practices are costlier and are not able to reach out to more and more people according to the species interest. But marketing digitally helps businesses to target the required audience only where there are more chances to generate leads.
Digital marketing has various domains -
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Social Media Marketing (SMM)
Content Marketing
Affiliate Marketing
Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
Influencer Marketing

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Digital Marketing

by bracknelson In reply to Explain what is digital m ...

Digital marketing is the use of the Internet, mobile devices, social media, search engines, and other channels to reach consumers. Some marketing experts consider digital marketing to be an entirely new endeavor that requires a new way of approaching customers and new ways of understanding how customers behave compared to traditional marketing.
Types of Digital marketing are:
1. SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
2. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
3. PPC (Pay-per-click)
4. SMM (Social Media Marketing)
5. Content Marketing.
6. Email Marketing.
7. Influencer / Affiliate Marketing.

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Digital Marketing

by talhaaxhar34 In reply to Explain what is digital m ...

Digital Marketing is all about gaining more traffic to your website through various social website and many other digital platform.It takes a lot of effort and patience. Rank your website in search engine through SEO and it an full out-and-out topic.
Thanks and have a nice day.

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Digital Marketing

by doodledigitalinfo12 In reply to Explain what is digital m ...

Digital marketing is the use of search engines, the internet, mobile device, computer, social media to interact the customer's attention. Some marketers think of a way to understand the targeted customer behavior and provide information to satisfy their needs.

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what is digital marketing?

by sijju323 In reply to Explain what is digital m ...

Digital marketing is used for gaining organic traffic to sites, blogs, and products with the help of various marketing tools such as SEO, SMM, SEM, Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, e-mail Marketing. I have done with some of these for my site.

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Digital marketing or Internet advertising

by nihitthakkar In reply to Explain what is digital m ...

Digital marketing, online marketing, internet advertising refers to advertising delivered through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. Some digital marketing practices are email marketing, pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing and even blogging. They help introduce people to your company product and convince them to buy.

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