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Explaining a bad job decision

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Tell us what you think about explaining a bad job decision in an interview, as featured in Thursday's Career Advice e-newsletter. How would you explain that you're not a job hopper?

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Guilty as Charged

by lance.gillis In reply to Explaining a bad job deci ...

It happened. 14 months and I was out of there! Iv'e since told prospective employers that it wasn't a good match. (me and the short company) It was my fault for not conducting due dilligence before I took the offer. I also lied to prospective employers and told them that the "Short Company" had great folks there and I wished them well. In reality, I hope they burn in the bad place. Funny thing happened a few months ago. the jerk who engineered my exit got the ax.From his FATHER IN LAW! HaHa Ha Ha Ha

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I've interviewed many

by James R Linn In reply to Guilty as Charged

and you did the right thing.

Don't badmouth previous employees - its a mark against you. Prospective employers will think you have a negative attitude and will wonder what you say about them. I have heard this over and over again in interviews, and these people almost never get hired.

I too have had a short term job about the same time frame. I told the prospective employer that I came to the realization that while I enjoyed the job and my boss(which I did), I didn't feel it was the right place to make a career.

Did't seem to hurt me as I got the job.


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