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Explore java.util.Calendar

By Mark W. Kaelin Editor ·
The Jan 6, Java TechMail discusses the java.util.Calendar class. Many applications require the tracking and determination of dates on the calendar. Have you used the java.util.Calendar class in your applications?

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What about the "gotchas"?

by avia In reply to Explore java.util.Calenda ...

Yes, I have used the (abstract) "java.util.Calendar" class and its concrete subclass, "java.util.GregorianCalendar".

You did not mention the multitude of "gotchas" associated with these classes. Fortunately, someone else has:


These classes are (in my opinion) _not_ intuitive and are difficult to work with (mainly due to the "gotchas"), and, unfortunately, the only classes available in the core java library for dealing with "calendar" data. However, there are third-party alternatives available:


I wouldn't agree with "worth the learning curve" -- it's more a case of "no alternative, like it or lump it!".


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by bayard In reply to What about the "gotchas"?

Very true Avi.

Roedy Green's [mindprod] site seems to have always been there and always has good stuff.

Another third-party alternative is the JODA-dates package over at:


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