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Explore tape backup options

By debate ·
Does your organization store point-in-time copies of data away from your server systems? What do you use to create these copies? Share your comments about tape backup options for small businesses, as discussed in the March 9 Disaster Recovery e-newsletter.

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Backup and Restore procedures

by sro In reply to Explore tape backup optio ...

Remember to have backup and restore procedures in writeing, and exercise the restore with intervals like weekly or monthly. This often adds the request for restore systems - who'd like to restore on "production" systems ..
This often adds changes to the procedures - it was not that easy or something changes like storage size or other environment parameters.

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Another reason

by MikeTalonNYC In reply to Backup and Restore proced ...

Another great reason to have everything in writing is so that if you're not there, someone else who has no idea how to use the systems can restore what must be restored.

Mike Talon

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Data Deposit Box

by smithl In reply to Explore tape backup optio ...

I use an easy to use online backup service called Data Deposit Box at I use it on all the client PCs in my office and then I also have it back up the server. It runs continuously in the background when machines are idle (so it doesn't chew up machine resources or bandwidth). It costs $5.49 (US) a month for 250mb which is pretty well the size of the data storage I have on my server (we're a small office). For small offices it's great because it is so simple to use, especially since we don't have technical support staff.

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We Use An Online Provider Too

by sell In reply to Data Deposit Box

Is your backup semi-automatic? Seems like it would be for $6. The online provider we use for our 2.5GB is a "full service" provider. The backups are fully automated, we do nothing. They even send us an email when backups are skipped for some reason. They provide free recovery support, which we we have used atleast 3 times. Oh, they provide free generalized tech support on our PCs too. Albeit email/phone. The provider we use is Full service or economy, isn't online backups the coolest?

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Choose a backup device FIRST?

by Pete@Bobcat In reply to Explore tape backup optio ...

Regardless of the size of an enterprise, the choice of backup device should be near to last. The job at hand is to recover, not to backup. I've worked with large and small IT shops that focus on backup and they fall into the "Gotta make the doughnuts" syndrome. It is a mindless pursuit of completing a backup without regard for recovering the necessary business data. If you start with the idea that you must recover when a problem happens, then the business need will determine the recovery method, which , in turn, will dictate the backup methodology. Now, you're ready to identify hardware and software.

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A point but. . . .

by draco vulgaris In reply to Choose a backup device FI ...

Disk backups may not be the whole solution but, if the server is important to the business, it's necessary to be able to recover it. If it supports your revenue stream, you need to get it back quickly!

If you walk in the door, tasked with disaster and/or business resumption planning and you discover that the servers are not being backed up, what do you do? Spend a couple of months (or years) preparing the plan or get backups made right now?!?!

Some planning failures can be remedied, sometimes at great expense, after a disaster but the absence of recent backups is not one of them!

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Planning or Fixing?

by Pete@Bobcat In reply to A point but. . . .

Certainly, in the scenario you described, it would be prudent to advise doing backups on whatever media was currently available. However, if the task at hand is PLANNING, then it would be prudent to know what you are planning for. What is the recovery need? Only after knowing what the real business need is, can you make an informed decision about the recovery method.

You said "If it supports your revenue stream, you need to get it back quickly!" How quick is quickly? That is a business decision. Once that answer is given, you are then in a position to determine the backup and recovery methodology (and devices) that will meet the business need.

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With every business I've ever dealt with Quickly

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Planning or Fixing?

Means at least ten minutes before it broke. Anything longer just costs far too much.


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by MikeTalonNYC In reply to A point but. . . .

Draco is agreeing with me?

Hmm, must be my Birthday. . .

Nope, that's not this month.

Thanks Draco!

Mike Talon

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Just a reminder

by MikeTalonNYC In reply to Choose a backup device FI ...

This article was specifically dealing with tape backup for small business. In that case, the method has already been determined, so the next thing to consider is what kind of tape device, capacity, etc.

Mike Talon

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