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Explore the importance of link text

By MaryWeilage Editor ·
This week's Design and Usability Tactics e-newsletter looks at how the much of an impact inbound links and link text have on search engine results and deconstructs the success of the "miserable failure" project.

What do you make of the success of the miserable failure project? Do you think there are lessons that developers can learn from this success other than what are mentioned in this column?

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Miserable Failure

by george In reply to Explore the importance of ...

The miserable failure that these savvy fellows have uncovered is that search engines remain stupid machines. No machine is perfect, however if time were applied to a technology that would review links and review the context in which they are used then I would not be spending my days as a webmaster creating reciprocal links to sites that sell pop rocks because I need the popularity on my accounting software site. But hey guys, you proved to the world that reciprocal links work. So I better get back to work soliciting more!

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by Fred Tatt In reply to Miserable Failure

The search engine is supposed to be 'dumb'. That is its strength. There are negative popular perceptions about Dubya. These are reflected on the web. It is right that the search engines mirror this.

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