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    Explorer Error (Music File Error)


    by skullkrusher250 ·

    When I try to do anything with music files such as (right clicking, copying, or deleting) on any music file such as (.mp3, .wma), My (explorer.exe) crash and I get the windows error report (Send or Don’t send Error).

    What can I do to fix this problem.

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      Reply To: Explorer Error (Music File Error)

      by oz_media ·

      In reply to Explorer Error (Music File Error)

      RUN system file checker

      If win98 click start>run and type sfc.exe in the run dialogue box and let it scan for changed or missing files, it will fix most explorer related errors.

      If Win2000 or WinXP, START>RUN and type;
      ‘sfc.exe /scannow’ (with no quotes) and don’t forget the space before the /scannow

      With both of these you will need to have the install disk with the XP files if it needs to pull a file from disk. Or if you have a harddrive installation of XP, you will need to point it to the install directory, IF it doesn’t automatically locate it.

      If not, you can try posting the first three lines of the error report it generates and it will be easier to debug.

      As always, TRY reinstalling your media player too, but it sounds like a corrupted Explorer System File, ni whic case SFC should fix it.

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      Reply To: Explorer Error (Music File Error)

      by skullkrusher250 ·

      In reply to Explorer Error (Music File Error)

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