Explorer error on Vista Clean install

By pinknoise ·

I've just reinstalled Vista on my pc. No hardware has been changed, just a reinstall. Vista got a bit lumpy after repeated power cuts.

On my fresh install explorer crashes within seconds of login. It keeps trying to restart and crashes. I have tried several installs with and without net for updates - no joy. I can use Taskman to close explorer and run programs. I tried running SP1 but it failed during install. Any suggestions?

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Take it back to the Maker

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Explorer error on Vista C ...

And get them to fix the problem.

If it is failing on a Clean Install of Vista there is a Issue that needs fixing.

Did you wipe the HDD or just reinstall Vista? If it's the latter you may have brought a existing problem into this Install. Even if you formatted the Drive the possibility of a problem coming over to a new installation is still there as Windows doesn't write to every Sector of the HDD when Formatting. It only writs to every third Sector so there are 2 intact sectors to house problems on that can creep through to the next install.

You could try Wiping the Drive with something like Boot & Nuke which writes a series of Zero's to every sector completely destroying and existing things written to the drive and then perform a reload and see if the problem persists.


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