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    Explorer Error – Windows XP Professional


    by amanda ·

    Unfortunately I have an Explorer Error (not internet explorer…I know a lot of people confuse the two) This is what happened. I downloaded some update from Microsoft’s website that I supposedly needed in order to change my Comcast password on the Comcast website. When the computer finished the download and re-booted I no longer had any desktop icons, just my desktop picture, and an Explorer Error. I started in safe mode, but still the same thing.

    The error reads

    I have gone into the Task Manager and tried to run explorer.exe from there….but get the same error (duh). When I ‘browse’ I can see all my files…so I plugged in a USB Memory Stick and tried to send files to it…but that failed ;-(

    I ran a System File Checker Scan(sfc /scannow) and a Check Disk chkds /rk ….both came up with nothing.

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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      by amanda ·

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      Well this depends on what you have available to you

      by oh smeg ·

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      If you have M$ Branded Install Media you an perform a Repair Install and blow away any changes while retaining your existing software load. However you need M$ Branded Install Media as System makers Recovery Disc’s [b]Do Not[/b] have this option available.

      Here I’m assuming that you have tried last Known Good Configuration and System Restore and neither has worked.


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      its a book….

      by —tk— ·

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      Well, for what its worth… When stuff like this happens, I always just blow everything away… because you can spend hours and hours trouble shooting, with no return.

      From what it looks like to me, and the information that has been provided… is that the two files listed are corrupt, or another process is holding on to them. Chkdsk should have fixed them if they were currupt, but it didn’t… so there might be more going on in the background that you dont see… I would check task manager and see what processes are running, end any of them that look fishy. if you end up killing a couple process try and run explore.exe after ever few processes that you kill… if it eventually runs, I would run a virus scan ASAP!

      You can also try: Push F6 (after POST and before the XP logo) until you get the options for safe mode, safe mode with networking, and last known good configuration. I would try the last known good configuration….

      Once you get to the point where you are done, If you HAVE to get your data, there is a couple different ways… Linux Live CD(runs the OS with out installing on the Hard drive, ubuntu 8.04 is my fav.) after the cd boots plug in your USB drive, it will mount, and then you should be able to view your Hard drive though some file viewer… drag and drop from there… or you can use A IDE/SATA to USB converter, attach the drive to the converter, and plug it into another PC, drag and drop from there… After that I would reinstall XP…

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      Possibly Corrupt Profile

      by tcowles1 ·

      In reply to Explorer Error – Windows XP Professional

      You may need to recreate a new profile, I would try that first before blowing it all away…

      Also if you think it was an MS update that caused the problem you can boot to safe mode – go to control panel – add remove programs – select the box show updates and remove the updates you suspect caused the problem – then reboot… in anycase good luck it’s possible you have more going on here than just the update that caused the issue.

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