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By robyx235 ·
I recently started to run in some problems with Vista, never had any before. My windows explorer just fails to respond fast when I, for example, open a program it takes about 2-3 min even though CPU usage is 0-5% in these minutes, and then it suddenly bursts to 50-80% CPU usage for 1 sec and the program starts running (Ex: Mozzila, Anti vir or any other program). I have the same problem with even a small thing like right-clicking a file, it takes 3 mins before the list shows up.
My space on C was low for a while, under 1 GB, but now i managed to bring it up to 2 GB( never had problems at 2 GB before, on this same PC and OS) so i don't think that is the problem.
Today i noticed in Process Explorer that a process called "Interrupts" (Hardware interrupts) shows up almost every time ,when the first programs, at windows start up ,are executed.
Any solutions, except a format?
PC is decent( CPU: E6750, Memory: 2 GB Twin Corsair, Video: 8800 512MB, Motherboard: Some intel with P35 chipset)
BTW: I looked for DMA mode for my Hard-disk
(its ok)

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Try this to see if it speeds up your system..It is freeware. :)

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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Lesson learned

by robyx235 In reply to Try this to see if it spe ...

I had a lot of trouble with previous, disorganized, PC's so i packed up when i installed Vista on this one: I use CCleaner and System Mechanic 7( running a test now, it picked up some Hard drive errors, i'll post back if this fixes things). I also have RegVac registry cleaner.
I ran them and cleaned my os( cleaned some manually in temp and other leftovers from uninstalled applications). It's really clean.

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What anti-virus are you using?

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Explorer issue


...just wondering.

When you open Task Manager, go to the Processes tab and sort the list by CPU cycles (highest to lowest), what shows up at the top when you right click or open a program (other than System Idle Process)?

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by robyx235 In reply to What anti-virus are you u ...

I have Iolo AntiVir with System Mechanic 7( I also use SpyBot S&D). Nothing really uses the CPU, it's on Idle but Windows explorer just freeze for a while (2-3 mins) when i open a program or Control Panel and sometimes when i delete files/folders on my C: partition.

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by robyx235 In reply to Explorer issue

Seems i had some hdd errors, a drive check did the trick, WE is working well again. Thx for trying to help guys. All the best!

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Nice to know all is well. :)

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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