Explorer.exe and dwwin.exe error.... both will not open

By silver snow ·
I need some help with this error (Explorer.exe and dwm.exe error both had 0xc0000006 code)

I'm not sure what brand pc i have but it is running XP SP3. Which was working just fine until i ran the "windows updates". which download 7 different updates, 1 was the internet explorer 8 along with, 3 security, and the other 3 i am not sure of...

Heres what happens..

While the blue Windows "Welcome" screen is up during startup, a gray error box appears overlaid on it, saying "Explorer.exe - Application Error. The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000006). Click on OK to terminate the application." Clicking OK brings up a second repeat of the same error message. Clicking OK a second time causes the boot to continue, but without Windows Explorer started, all that appears is completely blank blue screen with a cursor arrow.

If I try and open any files with the Task Manager, the same error message pops up with 1 difference its the "dwwin.exe - application error".
any help wll be greatly appeciated..

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A couple of things to try

by Jacky Howe In reply to Explorer.exe and dwwin.ex ...

You can use the Hard Drive Makers Testing Utility to Test the Drive which can be downloaded from below.
<a href="" target="_blank"><u>Hitachi / IBM</u></a>
<a href="" target="_blank"><u>Western Digital</u></a>
<a href="" target="_blank"><u>Fujitsu</u></a>
<a href="" target="_blank"><u>Seagate</u></a>
<a href="" target="_blank"><u>Samsung</u></a>

If it tests out OK then try this.

Make sure that the BIOS is set to Boot from CD. Insert your XP CD and when you see ?Press any key to boot from CD? press a key. Now wait for the XP installer to finish loading up and you will be presented with the option to press R to Repair.

Press R.

The next screen will ask you which Windows installation you would like to log on to. Normally the following will be listed:


Press 1, then Enter to continue.

You may now be asked for the Administrator password. If you know this type it and press Enter. If you don't know the Administrators password it may be blank. Just press Enter or type your username and password.

At the command prompt type:

chkdsk C:/r

Let it run through the 5 stages.

let us know how you get on.

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