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explorer.exe-Application Error

By RockyPath ·
I can't open files on my computer. Each time I tried I got this message:

" Explorer.exe-Application Error. The instruction at 0x01b00065 referenced memory at 0x00000000. The memory could not be written"
Click on OK to terminate the program
Click on cancel to debug the program

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by acegolfr In reply to explorer.exe-Application ...

What operating system? you can not open files that are generaly opened by explorer, sounds like you have a corrupted explorer that needs to be reinstalled, back up all files thru DOS if you cannot open and reinstall IE you might have to reinstall the OS

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by wickhead75 In reply to explorer.exe-Application ...

what OS are you using?i think you have a bad RAM,try this to check if so.hit F8 key before windows starts then select safe mode in the menus that will appear.the extended memory will then be checked and if you see the message UNRELIABLE XMS MEMORY,YOU PROBABLY HAVE A Bad ram.

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by Oz_Media In reply to explorer.exe-Application ...

Don't worry about IE. This is a windows Explorer error, it may be due, as previously noted to BAD RAM. If you have more than one stick of RAM, swap them out one by one to find the defective stick.

You can also try to repair any missing or damaged WINDOWS Explorer system files by running the System File Checker. It wil scan and replace any damaged or missing files, you will need the original CD or know the path to your installation files on your hard drive.

IF Win95/98 Click START>RUN and type sfc.exe in the box, hit enter to start system file checker.

IF Win2000/XP, Click START>RUN and type, sfc.exe /scannow (don't forget the space before the /scannow).

In MOST cases this will fix any issues with corrupted Windows Explorer. If not, I am afraid I'll also opt for the bad ram suggestion, as it is a memory reference error.

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by AndreAkbar In reply to explorer.exe-Application ...

Why don't you try diagnosing your memory first.
Use this

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by goran_mv In reply to explorer.exe-Application ...

I recently had the same problem. Before that I installed nVIDIA drivers. After removing them the problem no longer existed.

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My Fix to Explorer.exe - Application Error

by MytonLopez In reply to explorer.exe-Application ...

Thanks goran_mv for pointing me in the right direction. I had a bad maleware problem and used Malwarebytes to remove it all and I was messing with MSCONFIG and was turning off/on un-needed services and startup items and I had noticed I got this error after re-enabling something. I had went from diagnostic startup in MSCONFIG to install Malwarebytes for something kept blocking the install and after I finished scanning the system I changed it back to Normal Startup and went through disabling un-needed items in the services and start-up and after reading this post I had disabled an ATI startup item and the Explorer.exe -Application Error went away. Now I only got this error right after logging in about maybe 30-45 seconds logging in. I had read other posts with the same error and there are other problems associated to this error. I was just lucky on this one.

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explorer.exe-Application Error

by jeszy2010 In reply to explorer.exe-Application ...

hay man i have the same error
plzzz tell me what to do i cant use anything
i have vista

plz reply

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