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    explorer.exe not responding (in XP pro)


    by foringmar ·

    The title express whats wrong. I do not get an error message. It simply just hang.
    This happens in Windows XP Pro when I try to change the Start buttons menu to the Traditional form. It also seems impossible to change folder settings.
    Its a new computer. 2 weeks old. And I really do not like the idea of starting from scratch. I have just finished installing every piece of software that should be installed and every bit of hardware that should be connected to this particular computer.
    What should I do save migrating to Linux?

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      by foringmar ·

      In reply to explorer.exe not responding (in XP pro)


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      More infomation is required,

      by computercookie ·

      In reply to explorer.exe not responding (in XP pro)

      what type of account do you have?

      I think you need to log on using an administrator account!

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        More information coming up

        by foringmar ·

        In reply to More infomation is required,

        I login as an admin. I have two such accounts. Same problem on both accounts. The accounts are local.

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      Go here..

      by Anonymous ·

      In reply to explorer.exe not responding (in XP pro)

      See if it clears your system.

      Please post back if you have anymore problems or questions.

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        Did that!

        by foringmar ·

        In reply to Go here..

        And it did not help at all.

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      Conflicting Startup Programs?

      by computech911 ·

      In reply to explorer.exe not responding (in XP pro)

      These days new computers are loaded to the brim with very unnecessary bundled programs that you will never use. A lot of these programs are set to start up when windows starts up. Use MSCONFIG (from run box) to turn off some of those start up programs.

      If you computer is a dell make sure you uninstall that ‘dell support’ program as it uses PC TOOLS and is knowen to cause compatibility problems with various system drivers and other windows applications.

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        Final solution

        by foringmar ·

        In reply to Conflicting Startup Programs?

        Thank You! You were right. Sort of.

        It was a program with automatic startup at boot time, that caused the problem. In my case it proved to be a part of Nero. A CD/DVD burning program which came with the computer. When I prevented automatic start at boot, explorer.exe started to work normally.
        I’ll probably replace Nero with a freeware alternative. I kind of like Deepburner.

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          Not a solution!

          by computercookie ·

          In reply to Final solution

          Why was your Nero allowed to be included in start up, what about your printer, office, java, adobe or any other crap you’ve installed?

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          Nero includes itself in startup by default.

          by boxfiddler ·

          In reply to Not a solution!

          As his/hers came bundled with the machine, it was set that way when s/he got it.

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