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Explorer.exe process utilizing 100% CPU

By karma1 ·

I've recently ecountered an issue with my PC the details are as follows;

Windows XP Pro SP2
Intel P4 2.4Ghz, 512M

My computer has been having troule with the explorer.exe process. I'll try copy a file or even right-click in an explorer window and the process will jump to 100% and stay there anywhere from 3 to 6 mins, then it will go back to normal.
According to Taskman I have anywhere from 40 - 45 processes running. Most of them I've checked out and they're valid processes, others are programs I'm currently running. However, I can have as many as 8 SVCHOST.EXE processes at one time. I've checked them out via "tasklist /svc" and they all appear proper. Of course everytime I see MSMSGS.EXE I kill it. :)
My PF usage is listed at 356MB. **** I'll list what my system is at right now;
TOTALS - handles 10575, threads 4**, processes 49.
PHYSICAL MEMORY - total 523504, available 96400, system cache 182368
COMMIT CHARGE - total 364872, limit 2064236, peak 379332
KERNEL MEMORY - total 86900, paged 58700, nonpaged 28170
My CPU usage is currently at 2%. I've just used Explorer to delete a file... the CPU usage is now at 100% and the other vales haven't changed significantly. However Explorer is now using 70M - 90M of memory in the process list. That time it took 6 mins to return to normal.
I seriously need to do something about this OTHER than reimage my system. That gets annoying after awhile.

High points awarded due to annoyance factor.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Explorer.exe process util ...

Well as you haven't said anything about AV programs running or Male Ware Programs I would recommend that you download install & update the following

For Male Ware and the following as an AV program

Then after they are fully Updated reboot into Safe Mode and run first the AV Scan and then the Male Ware Scans. If you pickup any nasties just remove them and then rerun the scan to make sure that it has actually removed the infection and that it doesn't pick up any others after the offending files have been removed.

If that all comes up as Clean you can try a Registry Cleaner from Iolo

But a word of Warning firstly only download the System Mechanic 6 not the Pro version as the only difference is that there is an AV Product in the Pro version and with a 30 day trial it's not worth the effort and Importantly Do Not Remove Duplicate Files.

Then run DEFRAG and see if that offers any improvement. If it doesn't your only option will be to wipe the HDD after saving All Your DATA and doing a reinstall from scratch. If you image you will only be transferring the problem with the Image and I've never had much luck with recovering from Images.

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by karma1 In reply to Explorer.exe process util ...

Sorry I should've mentioned that stuff. I'm running NAV 2004 and Ad-Aware SE. I ran Ad Aware and it found a bunch of tracking cookies. I'm relatively **** about my system. NAV has done a full system scan and hasn't come up with anything.
My image SHOULD be clean. I normally reimage once a year or so and I've been using this image since 2004 (hence the old ver of NAV) this problem is new. I've been tracking changes I've made, but with the exception of trying to setup ICS all my other changes have been minimal and were updates to programs already on the system. None of which run all the time. If worse comes to worse I will reimage I'm just trying to find the cause... if it's something I'VE done I would like to not repeat it.
It's very strange watching explorer.exe jump to 100% utilization for 5 mins and then resuming normal operation all from just working in Windows Explorer.

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by karma1 In reply to Explorer.exe process util ...

Didn't realize I'd been so stingy with the points.

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