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After a virus scan my computer wont load explorer.exe when i goto task manager and try to run it it says it cant be found, whats the best way to copy it back to the computer in question, winxp sp2, copy it from cd back to the system32 folder ?


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Re: Explorer.exe

by christianshiflet In reply to explorer.exe

Was it, by chance, quarantined by your AV software? If so, can you restore it? Also, I am looking and explorer.exe should be in the c:\Windows folder, not System32 (XP SP3, anyway).

Either way, yes, you can place the file from the CD into the correct directory using recovery console from the installation media. I would guess that if you did have malware or a virus, though, that more files than just that one were either damaged or replaced and a repair installation may be a better solution to replace any damaged files at once.

Let me know if this helps or if you have further questions. Thanks.

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Re: explorer.exe

by christianshiflet In reply to explorer.exe

If you can get to a "Run" prompt you could also use the system file checker (SFC) by typing in SFC /scannow. That SHOULD check the validity of all system files and replace whatever needs to be replaced.

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by Wizard-09 In reply to Re: explorer.exe

Sorry I meant c: windows just did a copy of the file from another machine then placed it back, now i am unable to install .net 1.1 because of more virus think i need to boot into safe mode then do a full scan scan again

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by Wizard-09 In reply to yip

all my exe files are infected, cmd not able to run msconfig from the CDM line, whats the best thing to do here i cant restart in safe mode

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boot CD

by shasca In reply to new

You could create a boot CD like Bart PE, and add spyware AVG etc to it. You would then be able to access the drive in preboot. This would allow full access to the infected files.,63901/description.html

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I have

by Wizard-09 In reply to boot CD

One called minipe, i am running a scan now but if cmd explorer.exe are all infected will this clean them out and not del them?

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not active

by shasca In reply to I have

You should have full access to the OS since it isn't loaded. Similar to safemode where most of the OS isn't loaded, but explorer.exe is.

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when in the OS

by Wizard-09 In reply to not active

Is in safe mode and i try to goto right click on my computer then pro it says that the run32.dll is missing, now i am in safe mode running avg it picked up that explorer.exe is infected so could i copy the run32.dll from another system after the safemode scan?

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should be able to

by shasca In reply to Re: explorer.exe

Look in the windows/system32 folder. Compare dates, and size. This DLL was probably renamed as part of the infection. Seems to be a popular target of infectors. Do some research on it alot on google, none on Symantec site.

Don't be too upset if after all this work you still have to do a reimage. It's sounding pretty ugly

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by Wizard-09 In reply to should be able to

Ok i run the virus scan in safe mode moves all the infected files to vault, but all the files infected are, cmd.exe, explorer.exe sytray.exe what is going on, last thing i want to do is a new build of the server, it runs the wifi for the hotel it looks very bad to me, every time i log on it say explorer.exe is infected and so on so i cant del all the files an it wont clean them out cant even install .net 1.1 gives an error message what can i do i cant take any more

It looks like it have infected all the system files run32dll.exe is infected everything how can i repair the system without a rebuild because I will then have to config everything again i am ready for crying meant to finished at 5.30 it's not 9.45

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