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Export Crystal report to Excel

By nelk_w ·
I wanted to export a report generated by crystall reports to Excel, So in my VB programe it dose by a coding (VB 6), but the problrm is that after I export it, few of the fields which contains Currency values are displyed with diffrent different currency symbols. Machine default is ? , and few feilds with that and few other with $.
What could be the reason and how can I rectify it If somebody knows pls. let me know

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by nelk_w In reply to Export Crystal report to ...

Here I paste frament of coding that was used to send reports to Excel these are wrking fine but the currency symbols problem

With mreport
.txtAmount.Left = .txtAmount.Left + 1000

' .FaMOUNT.CurrencySymbol = "?"
' .fCost.CurrencySymbol = "?"
' .FdISCOUNT.CurrencySymbol = "$" ' "?"
' .fProfit.CurrencySymbol = "?"
' .fNetamount.CurrencySymbol = "?"

With .ExportOptions

'.UseReportDateFormat = True
.UseReportNumberFormat = True

.FormatType = crEFTExcel80 'crEFTCommaSeparatedValues
.DestinationType = crEDTDiskFile
'.DiskFileName = "C:\ReconciliationOfActualCostAndProfit" + Format(Date, "MMM") + Format(Date, "DD") + ".xls"

'.ExcelUseWorksheetFunctions = True
.ExcelAreaType = crDetail
' .ExcelUseTabularFormat = True
' .ExcelUseWorksheetFunctions = True

End With
'CDExport.DialogTitle = "Reconciliation of Actual Cost and Profit"
CDExport.InitDir = "C:"
CDExport.FileName = "C:\ReconciliationOfActualCostAndProfit" + Format(Date, "MMM") + Format(Date, "DD") + ".xls"

.ExportOptions.DiskFileName = CDExport.FileName + ".xls" '"C:\ReconciliationOfActualCostAndProfit" + Format(Date, "MMM") + Format(Date, "DD") + ".xls"
.Export False

End With

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by ikru_003 In reply to Export Crystal report to ...

Hi can u send me the code i also want to export data from crystal report to excel using vb i dont have currency values in my report so u have the solution for my requirement please send it to my Email id ikru_003@yahoo.co.in as early as possible. It will be a great help for me. Its a very urgent requirement for me at any cost i have to finish it by tomorrow. Default Export button is not working in my repviewer so i have to write the code for that. i hope you have understand my problem

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