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    Export data into MS Access table


    by s.savalekar ·

    I have data in MS Excel sheet (Excel sheet) , I need to import all the data in MS access table.
    Can somebody help on this

    Please give me that i can use in my requirment

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      by s.savalekar ·

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      by siphoakasiwa ·

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      There two ways you can do that.

      1.) First open the MS Access table and right click whilst in the Menu screen and select import. If you are importing into a existing table or a new table you’ll have to specify later on in this process. Select the excel document from the import window.
      2.)Select if the data is from a specific worksheet. Click next where it’ll ask if the first row is the column headings.
      3.)The next screen ask for what format the data in each field will be.
      4.)The screen asks if it should add a primary key.
      Finally decide the table name.

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      Hi, Please find the details to Import to MS Access.

      by das.swapna ·

      In reply to Export data into MS Access table

      1. Create/ Open the Excel File
      2. Name all headers for each columns
      3. Rename the Sheet (Sheet 1 to any name which will be used as table name)
      4. Close the Excel File.

      Step 2.

      1. Create/ Open Access Database
      2. Click on New Table
      3. Select “Import Table”
      4. Then change the Files of Type to “Microsoft Excel (*.xls)”
      5. Then Select the excel file you have created.
      6. then follow the istruction for columns and naming the table etc…

      Please send me message if there is any more help required…


      Swapna K. Das

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