export word programs to another computor

By morninggold_2000 ·
My husband and I have 2 laptops. On one is win2000 pro sp1 on the other is win xphome edition. The pro edition came with all of the microsoft office programs eg. word,excel, etc. the other has not even close to their capabilities. Can I export the office programs from one computer to another? Or could I take my win 2000 pro and partition the other one and put it on there? Man now I'm confused I'm hoping someone else can make sense of what I'm trying to say.

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Exporting programs to another PC

by wmarr In reply to export word programs to a ...

I read the discussion heading and hoped to find someone elses answer to this since I have been given the same question by clientele. (I repair PC's) Now the only answer that I have to your querry. I don't believe that transferring installed programs from one computer to another is possible, since I have indeed tried it and failed because when an application is installed, it writes new or edits dll and registry files which directly connect to the windows operating system. But if anyone out there in computer tech land knows of a way, I am all ears. I would really like to be able to do this myself. Making a secondary partition on the XP machine or vise versa, and cloning the drive with the software you need onto that partition (make it bootable - ie: dual boot machine) may be the way to go as far as I know. Another means for opening documents etc, on the other computer may be to get "free open office" from the web. It is downloadable and can usually enable you to read and edit documents which are shared on an inhome network. But as I have stated, if there is another way, I would certainly be intrigued to read about it. (And may even try it on one of my many computers here in my shop.) Note: be careful with the cloning, use good known software to do this. It is important that EVERYTHING is cloned onto the new partion. And a good ghosting softwere program will allow you to make the partition bootable. Otherwise are the work you did will be for nothing.

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by shasca In reply to export word programs to a ...

You can't "move" an application. It would have to be reinstalled from the Microsoft Media.
Then you run into the problem of Licensing. If this came with the System preinstalled the licensing probably prohibits any of this.

You more than likey will have to buy another copy of Office to install.

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