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Exporting Active Directory Users and conatiner in which they are located?

By cliff680 ·
I am trying to export a list disabled users from Acitve Directory, which in itself isn't complicated, but my problem is I also need to export the path (container) in which the user is located. I can get this list from the set of common queries by adding the published at cloumn, but that isn't exportable. Anyone have any ideas on how I might accomplish this?

Thanks in advance.

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elaborate on what you mean by path

by CG IT In reply to Exporting Active Director ...

AD users are in the default AD users OU unless you created another OUs in which to place them in. If that, you should have already documented the OU and who would be in it.

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Reponse To Answer

by cliff680 In reply to elaborate on what you mea ...

We have somewhere in the neighborhood of 4500 users and multiple people who disable users in their particular OU's, which are in more than the users container. I want to generate a list of disabled users which I can export into excel which contains what container path the user is in. for example: domian.com\users\office\department\sales

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try these tools

by markp24 In reply to Exporting Active Director ...


there are some great tools from www.joeware.com for AD tasks like this (these are freeware)
also dovestone softwares "true last logon"

and possible netwrix software may offer some tools.

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