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By chrisjft ·
I've accidently posted this elsewhere but here it is again.

Is there a way to re-purpose information stored in a word document. For example a document may contain information for a facilitator and for a participant.
The information for the two would be mixed throughout the document. For example a page might start with the information for the powerpoint slides, below that info for the facilitator and below that info for the participant.

From this master document I would like to output/print just the powerpoint info/facilitator or the powerppoint info/participant.

I'd like to do this using VBA so that it is automated, perhaps by hiding particular parts of the document.

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To clarify a bit

by robo_dev In reply to Exporting from Word

Powerpoint has this feature (notes page, slides page, handouts page) but Word does not.

The Powerpoint 'notes' page is for the facilitator, and typically not shared with audience, while slides and handouts typically are shared.

You could, perhaps, use the 'comments' feature of word, and the comments can be included/excluded or hidden, when printing or publishing.

Overall, the 'data issue' here is that only one of the features outlined above allow certain text to be differentiated from other text. Thus Word (or VBA) has no method to 'tag' certain data as belonging to the facilitator, for instance.

It is very clunky, but using the password security features of Word, you can lock/hide certain data to anyone except the one with the document password in Word (document protection) but this cannot conditionally allow or disallow certain text based on user.

This might be possible to do in a Microsoft Access database, however not sure how well that would work as an overall solution.

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Reponse To Answer

by chrisjft In reply to To clarify a bit

Thanks for responding.

What I had in mind was to "mark-up" the document using something like bookmarks as markers and then using Words hide text feature to show/hide blocks of text after like markers till the next marker is hit.

Once the document is marked up I'd need to use macros to show/hide blocks of text that was similar in nature eg those belonging to the facilitator.

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