Extend Bootable partition size on RAID5

By shardul.kale ·
Hi there, We have Dell poweredge server with dell perc 5/i RAID controller using which RAID level 5 is configured, now the problem is the bootable partition (C:) is very running very low on space.
So also there is another partition the size of which is 1TB, so we are thinking of extending the size of the C partition using some space on D drive. I am not very sure about how it can be done on a system with RAID configured. Is there any way to do it using softwares like Acronis True Image server or Partition Magic as we don't want to go for formatting and reinstalling option for some reasons.
Your help is highly appreciated.
We are running windows 2003 server.

Thank you,

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Acronis True image will do it for you..

I use Paragon myself, though both will do a full hdd image that is bootable.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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Don't worry, this problem can be solved easily

by longtail In reply to Extend Bootable partition ...

If there is free space in other data partitions, you can simple shrink the data partition to get some unallocated space, after that you can extend the system partition with the unallocated space without deleting or formatting partitions.

If there is no free space in all the virtual partitions, you need to add another physical disk and rebuild the raid, after that, the new space with be displayed as unallocated, and then you can extend the system partitions.

Don't break the raid, to operating system, the hardware raid is the same as a physical disk, so just shrink and extend the partitions.

See this guide <a href="">how to extend RAID 5 partition</a>

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by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to Don't worry, this problem ...
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longtail is right

by power zhu In reply to Don't worry, this problem ...

Yes, I've checked Partition magic doesn't help, to use Acronis True Image, you can backup the partition, delete and reset the partitions, at last restore, but this is inconvenient. easeus can resize the partitions directly.

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Extend Bootable partition size on RAID 5 Tutorial

by 41991437 In reply to Extend Bootable partition ...

It is dangerous to do some operations on the boot partition. If there is something wrong, the system can not be booted. So, to backup in advance is safe. Here is a safest solution :

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zombie alert...again? (nt)

by PurpleSkys In reply to Extend Bootable partition ...
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Extend partition with Partition Assistant

by wwowsfine In reply to Extend Bootable partition ...

On a basic disk extend hardware RAID by partition software, such as Partition Magic, Extend Partition Server Edition etc.

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