Extend RAID on server

By cbr ·
I have a server fully deloyed with disks (not possible to add anymore disks) and configured in a RAID 5 array. The array is partitioned in four logical drives and the C partition is running out of space. What are my possibilities besides deleting files on the C partition?


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Drive Array Configuration

by BFilmFan In reply to Extend RAID on server

We need some more information on how the array and drives are configured and exactly what OS is on them to answer this one.

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With a 5 array layout, you can take out one hdd

And put in a bigger drive, and then do a rebuild of the array.
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Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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Extend RAID and expand system volume

by Churdoo In reply to Extend RAID on server

Are you saying that all of the space on your existing RAID 5 is assigned to logical drives? And you do state that you cannot add any more physical disks. Lastly, you mention 'C' partition, logical drives, and Server so I'm assuming you're talking about a Windows Server O/S and hardware RAID.

You can do what PT says, but to clarify, you have to replace EACH disk in the raidset, one disk at a time, before you can extend the logical drive that contains your C Volume. So, as PT stated, replace one disk of your raidset with a larger disk, confirm that the array rebuild begins, and confirm that the array rebuild completes and the array returns to optimal/redundant status. Repeat this procedure one disk at a time until you have replaced all of the disks with larger (and matching) disks.

Once all disks have been replaced, your RAID configuration utility should recognize the additional capacity and should allow you to extend the raidset and/or logical drive(s) to utilize some or all of the additional capacity.

Once you've extended the raidset however, you're not done, in fact you've only completed the easy part. You now need to increase the size of your system volume, but this can't be done dynamically and not from the Windows O/S that's booted off of the system volume.

There are 2 ways to expand the NTFS filesystem on a system volume (ignoring converting to dynamic disk and spanning in disk manager, as the use dynamic disk is not recommended by any hardware RAID manufacturer I've seen):
1) from a parallel Windows install that does not boot off of said volume, and use DISKPART to expand the subject volume
2) with a third party server grade partitioning software.
I recommend the latter, like Acronis Disk Director for about $500-$600 with maintenance and call it a day.

Do I have to say make sure your backups are good before you start this process?

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Successfullly extend my raid 5

by 41991437 In reply to Extend RAID on server

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