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Extend Win2K server boot partition

By Roger99a ·
Is there a reliable method of extending the primary partition on a Windows 2000 Server? Everything I have read doesn't support boot partitions on Win2K server.

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How to extend boot partition

by hiteshhansalia In reply to Extend Win2K server boot ...


With SCSI Hard drive Installed use utility like Array Manager you can extend the size of a partition only on Dynamic Disks and only if there is available space right after the end of the partition and not in another part of the disk. You can define the size of the extension; don't worry it won't take all the available space!

You can not use PartionMagic 8.0, 7.0 or 6.0 to resize your partitions because there is a limitation for the server versions of Windows into their software! This is because they have another product called Volume Manager, which is more expensive ...?

But, you can use PartitionMagic 5.0 or 4.0 on a bootdisk to do the same job and it works just fine! Start by resizing your Data Partition in order to free space upon extending your System Partition.

Good Luck & Best regards

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Successfully extend Win2K without reboot

by Saraline In reply to How to extend boot partit ...

Partition Magic won't work for server.

I used easeus, it won't reboot and finished fastly, good job. It also provides a copy wizard to backup all my data.

To backup is always a good habit. After you have backuped up the server.there is details to repartition your server:

If you are raid or dynamic disk users, this software can also help you.

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Solved by partition magic server

by spotcat In reply to Successfully extend Win2K ...
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there is a way

by power zhu In reply to Extend Win2K server boot ...

there is another post about resize server 2003 partition
If the hard disk is baic, you can extend the boot partition easily, but if the disk is dynamic, neither disk management or third-party can extend the system boot volume. The only method is copy the dynamic volume to a basic disk and resize, it is the safest way. someone has the same requirement, check

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Extend boot partition without data loss

by Tech easy In reply to Extend Win2K server boot ...

Hi here is a tutorial shows detailed steps to extend your boot partition. No data loss.

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Successfully extend partition on Server 2K3 with magic server

by longtail In reply to Extend Win2K server boot ...

In fact, I also encountered this problem, windows constantly warning low disk space. at last, I found this article ans solved the problem.

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An instruction for extend server partition.

by wwowsfine In reply to Extend Win2K server boot ...
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extend system partition in Windows 2000

by junehe In reply to Extend Win2K server boot ...

I have used a partition software to make this resizing work to be possible. I used <a href="">Aomei Partition Assistant Server Edition</a>.if you used it , you''ll be surprised that power. In a word , full-fledged .

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Extend/Expand Server System Partition

by Techmakerz In reply to Extend Win2K server boot ...


There are many programs can extend boot partition on Windows Server,however, in order to keep you data intact, you must choose reliable and easy-to-use software.

step by step tutorial on how to Extend/Expand System Partition in Windows Server 2000/2003/2008 :

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